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Aubrey Hackman is a Colorado based Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and the founder and director of the Telluride Yoga Festival!

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About Aubrey

Aubrey Hackman is a certified Jivamukti instructor and founder of the Telluride Yoga Festival. With a strong devotion to the practice of yoga, Aubrey has made it her life’s work to find the best teachers and to bring that quality of instruction to others whether through her teaching or the actual festivals. Her teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life (founders of Jivamukti Yoga), have illuminated a passion for non-violence and conscious living along with a strong foundation in Yogic philosophy, Asana, Sanskrit, and Vedanta. She also has studied Ashtanga for years with various teachers and completed a 5 week program in Mysore, India with B.N.S. Iyengar and Sheshadri. Though Jivamukti yoga includes a somewhat rigorous vinyasa practice, Aubrey ties in the alignment principals found in different styles of Hatha Yoga and offers therapeutic or restorative classes as well.


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About The Telluride Yoga Festival

In the summer of 2007, in a beautiful little mountain town in Colorado an inspired Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Aubrey Hackman had a vision. Her vision was to create a Yoga event in the magnificent setting in which she was so fortunate to call home. But her vision went beyond the physical yoga experience. Having just returned from training with her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life, whose strong message of vegetarianism and environmentalism rings through all of their yoga teachings, Aubrey was inspired to create an event that would not only provide yoga students of all levels an enriching experience but also offer them the opportunity to have a positive impact on the world.

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A passionate advocate for animal rights and environmentalism, Aubrey wanted to create a Yoga event based on the teachings of karma yoga. She partnered with one of her students, Elaine Demas and her vision began to take shape. The 1st Annual Telluride Festival in the summer of 2008 was the the culmination of that vision.


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Upcoming Events

February 17th + 19th

The Yoga Studio at the Vail Athletic Club – Vail, CO

March 10th – 13th

Telluride Yoga Festival Winter Retreat – Telluride, CO

May 7th

Yoga Durango – Durango, CO

May 14th

Ridgway, CO

July 14th – 17th

Telluride Yoga Festival – Telluride, CO