At Least 12 Killed in Shootings at U.S. Army's Fort Hood in Texas

| by DeepDiveAdmin

FORT HOOD, Texas --- The U.S. Army has closed its massive Army base at Fort Hood, Texas, according to the Associated Press, amid multiple reports that 12 people have been shot dead -- and as many as 31 injured -- at the post.

Fort Hood's official Web site has reportedly posted an alert that says, "Effective immediately Fort Hood is closed." The site said units at the base have been ordered to account for all personnel.

The site, which was inaccessible at 4:55 p.m. EST possibly because of high traffic, said: "This is not a Drill. It is an Emergency Situation."

Several television stations in Texas say several people were killed and wounded in "dual? shootings" at the base in central Texas. Officials at the base and in the nearby town of Killeen, Texas, have not confirmed those accounts.

Fort Hood is located halfway between Austin and Waco. Here's breaking news from CBS: