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Going to an Ashram can be a bit daunting for those of us who like our urban comfort and daily cup of coffee…

After reading this article, you will be prepared for any Ashram adventures you may have lined up – who knows, maybe it’ll even inspire a getaway!

The following form Elephant Journal written by Natalya Grod

Screen shot 2011 03 25 at 8.03.30 AM Ashram 101: What to Know Before you Go | via Elephant Journal

Now, more than ever, Ashrams are attracting yoga vacationers, burned out workaholics, and urban escapists.

An ashram is a place of spiritual retreat, despite the growing sensationalization in memoirs-turned-movies like Eat, Pray, Love and flashy ads in the Yoga Journal.

One day you wake up and decide that running away to an ashram is the answer to your loathed job, your family, your partner—not to mention the key to becoming a bona fide yogin. You have resolved that the answer to all of your problems is waking up at five a.m. to meditate, chant in sanskrit, practicepranayama, eat kitcheri and use your neti pot more than your tooth brush. Yes, there is nothing like austerities to make you whole and bright.

A visit to an ashram may infuse the needed change in the doldrums of your life. The experience may awaken you and inspire a personal renaissance. And it may not. The reasons you jump on a jet plane may not line up with what you ultimately experience and walk away with. But leaving the comforts of your life will unequivocally shower you with a paradigm shift and a fresh view of countless aspects of life.

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