Another Racy Miley Cyrus Pic Leaked

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Is anyone surprised that another racy photo of Miley Cyrus has leaked?

This girl is doing everything and anything possible to keep the attention of her now grown up male audience.

She obviously “can’t be tamed”. Ha.

In this photo, she’s seen wearing something skimpy, with her assistant tugging at her dress and looking like she’s about to chomp on Miley’s boob. Miley looks surprised to see someone taking her picture, but I guess that’s the point….So the photo can be “leaked” and look like it wasn’t supposed to be made public.

This girl has been doing so many scandalous things to make her image more grown up, but it makes me wonder if she got enough attention and love from her parents as a child. Sure, she is/was the breadwinner of the family, but that doesn’t mean that she got enough good attention.

If she keeps this up, she’s only a sex tape away from being the next Kim Kardashian. What do you think?

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