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The latest news and updates from Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini,  enjoy!

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Greetings to you all from the Winter Wonderland of the Teton Mountains!!

It was twenty degrees below zero this time last week, can you believe that?!! Needless to say, we did not downhill ski that day.  We did however go cross-country skiing which was a lot of fun and such good cardio exercise that we stayed pretty warm in spite of the temperature!

This year has started off in such a good way for us, and Maya Yoga.  Eddie and I started a 200-hour training in Jackson Hole on January 5 and we are so so happy with how that’s been going.  Sending out a big Thank you to all the lovely ladies in the training!

We are out here with the kids and they’re doing (well, really they and I are doing) home school every morning, then we all go skiing together in the afternoon. I am having the kids start their day with a half hour of yoga  that I lead them through and it is proving to be a really good way to get them focused and ready for school.  I never thought I’d see Maya and Matteo doing yoga together and really doing it. Very nice indeed…

I also began another training up north in Kelowna, BC Canada at a sweet place called oranj studio.  I am so impressed with how many people there are willing to check out something new and do the work.  Susie, thank you  for inspiring your community and getting me up there.  I am loving my experience with the students. All of this teacher training work is so wonderful because it enables us to go much deeper than usual and  intensify one’s sense of awareness which is something that permeates your life in such a profoundly subtle and delicious way.  Not everyone who takes a training does it with the intention of becoming a teacher.  It can be a way to simply deepen your own practice and begin the process of self-discovery!

We still have space available for the 200-hour training this April 10 – 29.  Come to Maui and join us as we begin this journey back to yourself.   If you are thinking of really going for it and want to get both your 200 and your 500 RYT certification this year, Maya Yoga Studio is offering a rare opportunity.  You can take the 200 hour course in April and then this summer we are teaching two sessions that, when coupled together will give you your 500 hour RYT certification.  The first session is in July and the second in August.  We WILL NOT offer this again next summer!!  So step up now and sign up.  If you register now and pay in full for the summer sessions we are offering a discount of 10% until April 1!!  You know you want to do it, so come on!

For those of you not able to make it to Maui for this extended training, we are going to start a 500-hour RYT program at Westside Yoga studio in Sebastopol, CA this September.  In this unique program, we will be meeting monthly for almost a year to complete the required hours.  You must have a yoga alliance 200 hour training to register for this course.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our students who have already done either of the 200-hour training we’ve already completed at Westside, although any yoga alliance 200 hour certification will be honored.

And last but not least, for those of you who will be in Ubud, Bali this coming June can take part in the training I will be doing there over 2 weeks. Check out the link from our website,  Why didn’t we think of that site before??? hmmm, I wonder…

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Be well, stay warm, and keep doing your practice…it’s so vital…

Peace & Namaste,

Nicki and Eddie


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Monthly Sutra

Sutra 2.16

“Heyam Dukham Anagatam”

Why are we doing all of this yoga??? To reduce and alleviate our future suffering….


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