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Almond Milk: A Favorite of Kids and Cookies

| by PETA
triathletefood/CC by 2.0

The many benefits of nondairy milks, such as lower fat and calorie content and zero cholesterol, make them a no-brainer for health-conscious consumers, but how do they stack up taste-wise? The Wall Street Journal performed a taste test on almond, soy, rice, coconut, and cow's milk, and the results are in: Almond milk wins!

Almond milk passed the real litmus test of milks, the cookie-dunk challenge, with a flavor that actually "improved the cookie." It was also a hit with a young Wall Street Journal reader who, judging by the expressions on his face, found almond and soy milk most pleasing to his persnickety palate.

If kids and cookies agree, then almond milk is definitely something those of us who still like sugary cereal and Saturday morning cartoons can get behind.  

Written by Michelle Sherrow