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Gay Issues

Al Mohler Says Christians’ Beliefs About Homosexuality Matter

| by Focus on the Family
By Candice Watters | Focus on the Family Blog

When I was twentysomething, I had big ideas, still do. It's just that when I was fresh from college, a mere 21-year-old, it was hard to get anyone to take my big ideas very seriously. Not enough life experience, not enough maturity, not enough gray hair. (For better or worse, that last one is no longer an issue.)

It seems young people's big ideas matter a lot right now. At least when it comes to homosexuality. So says Dr. Al Mohler in his Thursday blog post "No Truth Without Love, No Love Without Truth."

If you're reading this blog, and you're young, your beliefs matter. Maybe more than you know.

"No moral revolution can succeed without shaping and changing the minds of young people and children. Inevitably, the schools have become crucial battlegrounds for the culture war. The Christian worldview has been undermined by pervasive curricula that teach moral relativism, reduce moral commandments to personal values, and promote homosexuality as a legitimate and attractive lifestyle option."

If you identify yourself as a believer, it's worth asking yourself where your convictions come from on this issue. What's driving your perspective? Where do you go first? Newspapers? Blogs? TV? Church? Even that last one may not be reliable anymore. Dr. Mohler writes,

"The homosexual rights movement understands that the evangelical church is one of the last resistance movements committed to a biblical morality. Because of this, the movement has adopted a strategy of isolating Christian opposition, and forcing change by political action and cultural pressure. Can we count on evangelicals to remain steadfastly biblical on this issue?"

Given that young self-described Christians are prone to favor and even applaud homosexuality, how should the church respond? With courage and compassion writes Mohler.

"The times demand Christian courage. These days, courage means that preachers and Christian leaders must set an agenda for biblical confrontation, and not shrink from dealing with the full range of issues related to homosexuality. We must talk about what the Bible teaches about gender--what it means to be a man or a woman. We must talk about God's gift of sex and the covenant of marriage. And we must talk honestly about what homosexuality is, and why God has condemned this sin as an abomination in His sight. ...

"Even as courage is required, the times call for another Christian virtue as well--compassion. The tragic fact is that every congregation is almost certain to include persons struggling with homosexual desire or even involved in homosexual acts. Outside the walls of the church, homosexuals are waiting to see if the Christian church has anything more to say, after we declare that homosexuality is a sin."

And what is it the church should be saying?

"The church is not a place where sinners are welcomed to remain in their sin. To the contrary, it is the Body of Christ, made up of sinners transformed by grace. Not one of us deserves to be accepted within the beloved. It is all of grace, and each one of us has come out of sin. We sin if we call homosexuality something other than sin. We also sin if we act as if this sin cannot be forgiven.

"We cannot settle for truth without love nor love without truth. The Gospel settles the issue once and for all. This great moral crisis is a Gospel crisis. The genuine Body of Christ will reveal itself by courageous compassion, and compassionate courage. We will see this realized only when men and women freed by God's grace from bondage to homosexuality feel free to stand up in our churches and declare their testimony--and when we are ready to welcome them as fellow disciples. Millions of hurting people are waiting to see if we mean what we preach."

Yes, your beliefs matter. But not just as a matter of public opinion or even cultural trends. They matter to God. And eventually, ultimately, we'll all have to stand before Him and give an account for each and every one of those beliefs.