Adrian Peterson Believes He's Better Than Chris Johnson?

| by Off The Record

In 2007, there were idiot journalists who already wanted to crown Minnesota Vikings rookie RB Adrian Peterson as the best running back of all time. We’re serious, we remember hearing it and thinking how stupid it was.

It’s kind of widely accepted now that Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson is the best in the league at the position. He ran for 2,006 yards last year and broke the single-season record for total yards.

But, Peterson isn’t ready to concede the crown of Best RB in the NFL just yet.

“[He's] not faster, stronger, anything,” Peterson told Dan Patrick on his radio. “You’ve got to understand you’re talking to a guy . . . that’s just the mentality that I have. I have ultimate respect for the guy and he’s a heck of a player. I remember at one point and time me talking on the phone to Chris Johnson. He was telling me, ‘I’m just a big fan of yours. I like your style.’ Some [of the] advice that I gave him was, ‘I play this game to be the best player ever to play the game. That’s my mentality.’”

Adrian, that’s not really advice just FYI. That’s you talking about your mentality. That doesn’t qualify as “advice.”

But anyway, we digress. Our mentality is to be the best running back ever too, but that doesn’t make it so. Stop putting the ball on the carpet and we’ll talk.