A Message to Blazers Rudy Fernandez

| by Dwight Jaynes

One thing that showed up on the comments is important and really, I should have brought it up during the interview with his European agent. If Rudy has something personal, something so pressing that he simply must get out of here — or if he misses home so badly that he is pathetically depressed as his agent hints — then get out of here.

It’s not as if the Trail Blazers have him handcuffed to the drinking fountain every night in the practice facility. Just go home. Quit playing basketball. He’s got plenty of money by all accounts, between what he’s earned playing professionally and his endorsements in Spain.

And I’m not trying to be a wise guy. I mean it. Really, if it’s really so hard for you, Rudy, do what others before you have done — retire. Go home. Sure, he’d be suspended here. And he wouldn’t be able to play anywhere at least until that contract runs out. But so what? If he really can’t stand it anymore, and if it transcends money, why not just go?

I’m sorry to those of you who felt I roughed the agent up too much. Or that I interrupted him too often. I felt bad about cutting him off at times, but the fact is, we have limited time on the air and the interview already ended up running way over our usual breaks. I needed to make sure he didn’t kill our time by rambling too much.

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