A Race Entry Giveaway for All the LA Ladies

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

She Runs LA, Nike, Nike+, Nike plus, LA, running event, 10K, 6.2 mile run, girls running, love of running“There’s no start line, no finish line and definitely no skinny guys in short shorts lining up in front of you before the gun goes off. This is a chance for fierce females to take to the streets of LA in one epic display of running love.”

When I read those words on the She Runs LA website, I knew that it was a race I had to do. On April 27 at 4 p.m., Los Angeles ladies will have the opportunity to run a 10K for a great cause. You can run anywhere (treadmill or outside!), at any time. According to the rules, you have 24 hours to get in your miles. All you have to have is a Nike+ product to track. So register, link up and log those miles!

I can’t begin to describe how geeked out I was when I found out Nike was doing this for the women of LA. I was even more excited when they offered us a bunch of free entries to give out to all the LA Fit Bottomed Girls in the house. Just comment to win—we have 48 codes! Now you really can run for the love of it!

For all the ladies living in La La Land, how geeked are you to run LA? —Tish