"Exercise ADD" Can Hurt Your Fitness Level

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Last year I had a problem.

I had more than one lover.

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I hopped around the city falling in love with: running, biking, spinning, yoga, boot camp classes, Anti-Gravity Yoga, barre classes, pilates classes… and many more.

I did a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. Thus, leaving me with a case of “Exercise ADD”.

It’s important to mix up workouts in order to avoid plateaus and burn-out but, how much variety is too much?

Five Signs of Exercise ADD:

  • You haven’t gotten to a point where you feel you're beginning to “master” the exercises in a given type of workout.
  • You aren’t progressing, i.e., gaining flexibility, strength, speed etc.
  • You have class sessions remaining at more than 4 exercise studios (that are all different forms of exercise).
  • You have difficulty deciding which mode of exercise to do from day to day.
  • Workouts seem to be all over the place and lack focus.

A case of “Exercise ADD” allowed me to try a lot of different things, but left me feeling unfocused and a little bit unsatisfied in 2010.


Tomorrow, I’ll discuss how I’m going to re-focus in 2011 in order to reach my fitness goal.

Do you suffer from a case of “Exercise ADD”?