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Animal Rights

De Vegetarische Slager: the Butcher PETA Loves

| by PETA

Not since The Brady Bunch has a butcher seemed cuddly, and even then, Sam was pushing it. Now De Vegetarische Slager—the Vegetarian Butcher—is open for business in the Netherlands, and the owners are keeping animals alive and people's tummies full with their scrumptious "cuts" of faux meat.

The glass cases are filled with lean, protein-rich options made from soybeans and lupin beans. Leg of lupin, anyone? Side of soybean? Finally, there's a butcher shop worth loving.

While we wait for the owners to open a location across the pond, most grocery stores and health food stores stateside carry a great variety of meat-free options that aren't made by people wearing gross bloodstained aprons.


Seitan, available at many health food and grocery stores worldwide.

 seph swain/CC by 2.0

Written by Michelle Sherrow