6 Things You Need to Cultivate to Attain Your Goals + Resolutions | via the DailyLove

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Have your resolutions for 2011 somehow gotten away from you?

Check out this article by Tommy Rosen for the Daily Love, and get back on track today!

cultivation 6 Things You Need to Cultivate to Attain Your Goals + Resolutions | via the DailyLove

We usually conceive of New Year’s Resolutions months in advance of January 1st while engaged in precisely the behavior that we are resolving to stop.  Countless are the times that  I would swear off smoking or caffeine or sugar in its million forms, while smoking and drinking strong black tea and eating a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream!  It would suddenly dawn on me…”I’ve got to stop this. This stuff is making me feel like crap. I know, I’ll make a New Year’s Resolution!”

We all come out of the gate guns a blazing in the first days and weeks of January, but for several basic reasons, our resolve often diminishes and we fall short of attaining our goals. So, in order to help you stick to your resolutions and to meet your goals now and in the future, here are the 6 things you will need to cultivate:

1) A Clear Goal and A Clear Reason! Having a well thought out and detailed goal will help create the outcome you desire. For example, losing weight is a good goal. A more specific version of this goal might be: losing 20 pounds in 3 months. Then add a reason for the goal: “I resolve to lose 20 pounds in 3 months because that will make me feel great about myself.” The Uni-verse loves details and clear planning. The more specific and heart-felt you are, the more powerful your resolution.

2) Desire! Everything happens in our lives because of this key ingredient and very little happens without it. If our heart isn’t in it, we aren’t in it. If we aren’t in it, it is difficult to succeed. Often we find ourselves confused by following someone else’s idea of what we should be doing. Inside, we know that it is not our path to walk and we can never find lasting peace and happiness by walking someone else’s path. To be fully invested and truly successful in any pursuit, we must have our heart’s desire.

3) Instruction! Everything on this Earth is accomplished through collaboration. We need experienced teachers and guides to show us the way, or at least to point us in the right direction. Whatever your goal might be, asking for help from someone who has already achieved that goal is super-helpful.  Otherwise, we shoot in the dark, finding our way eventually by learning the lessons doled out by that famous institution most of us have visited at some point – The School of Hard Knocks.

5) Community With A Common Purpose! There is no substitute for having a community of people working on the same or similar goals as you. This is the basis of religious and spiritual congregations and of all 12-step programs – people with a common experience coming together to support each other in the attainment of a desired goal. It also helps to enlist friends in your effort. When you alert friends that you are trying to lose weight for example, they are then enlisted in your challenge because they want you to succeed.  How do I know this about your friends?  Because they are your friends!

6) Daily Practice! Through our daily practice, we declare to The Uni-verse that these are the things we are interested in. We want to be strong, healthy, clear-headed. We want to have a sense of purpose and the energy to carry it out. Most of all, we want to be involved in things that will create in us a sense of a life fulfilled!

What do I mean by “daily practice”?  A Daily Practice is any activity that helps to align, strengthen and uplift your mind, body and spirit so that you are ready to create the best day of your life every day. Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Chanting and Journaling come to mind as excellent practices to do on a daily basis.

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