♪ FitHits: Let’s-Hear-It-For-the-Boys Edition

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

He's spinning fitness beats!

Boys, don’t be alarmed. We will not be discussing Footloose today. Ladies, don’t be disappointed. We have plenty of tracks that you—and the fellas—will love. See, after having so much fun with last year’s Tunes for Dudes workout playlist, we knew we’d have to do it again. But instead of one of the FBGs coming up with songs we think guys would like, we got a bona-fide music expert to create a killer playlist. Our bud Deekron, aka ”The Fitness DJ” of Motion Traxx, put together the following nine songs for a non-stop mix for running, cycling, cardio, power walking, and interval training.

Workout Music Playlist for the Men

  1. It Happened Today, R.E.M.: They’re back. Same band, same sound. Warm up to this.
  2. Left of Center, Serj Tankian: A hard, melodic prog-rocker from the former System of a Down frontman.
  3. C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise), Tiesto & Diplo featuring Busta Rhymes: Busta does Trance. A surprise for sure.
  4. Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways), Lupe Fiasco featuring MDMA: Kanye-influenced, auto-tuned infused grinder.
  5. Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor), Pitbull featuring T-Pain: It’s almost macho, muchacho.
  6. F**k You, Cee Lo Green: A real man speaks his mind.
  7. Radioactive, Kings of Leon: I can year some U2. Can you, too?
  8. Animal, Neon Trees: Will help you work out like one.
  9. World on Fire, Firewind: Holy heavy metal. Head-banging and weight-clanging certified.

If you want more of DJ Deekron’s fitness music stylings (and, really, who wouldn’t?!), be sure to download his exclusive, interval workout music mix for F-R-E-E here! —Jenn


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