“Shine On” | A Yoga Playlist by Chris Calarco

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Looking for some tunes to spice up your practice? If you answered yes, then I am here to help you…

chris calarco yoga Shine On | A Yoga Playlist by Chris Calarco

This playlist is named after a song by friends here in Portland, Oregon, The Shook Twins. They are two radiant young women with transcendent harmonies that play quirky and creative folk music. Their song “Shine On” comes toward the end of the playlist, right before Savasana when students are softening into the end of class and basking in the bliss of their practice.

I love kicking things off with Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s in Need of Love Today”, a stone cold soul classic that sets a warm tone.  Tosca’s “Orozco” is the perfect song to build a creative flow around.  The electronic throb is tailor made to allow students to turn in toward their bodies.  Mixing classic soul and electronic music is like peanut butter and jelly of yoga music for me, they complement each other in my heart. I love glitchy, dub-house like Pantha du Prince in class as it is up-tempo enough to be enlivening but does not feel like the class has turned into a rave.  The new My Morning Jacket ballad “Slow Slow Tune” takes us home. Depending on the vibe you may want to fade out before the guitar solo toward the end. Rage it.

Shine On…

“Love’s in Need of Love Today” – Stevie Wonder

“Yellow’s Home” – Ten and Tracer

“A Grand Love Theme” – Kid Loco

“Orozco” – Tosca

‘T’ Plays it Cool” – Marvin Gaye

“Jacknuggeted” – Caribou

“Cirrus” – Lusine

“Sufferer’s Heights” – Junior Dread

“With Love” – Elbow

“The Splendour” – Pantha du Prince

“Who Ya Gonna Turn To” – Trevor Hall

“All I Need” – Radiohead

“Everything I Do” – Whiskeytown

“Just My Imagination (Runnnig Away with Me)” – The Temptations

“Shine On” – The Shook Twins

“Slow Slow Tune” – My Morning Jacket

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