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Your Stress Could Be Making Your Child Fat

A recent study in The Journal of Pediatrics concludes that "Psychological stress in the family may be a contributing factor for childhood obesity."

A total of 7,743 Swedish families took part in the study, which assessed factors ranging from serious life events, parenting stress and social support. Children in families with high stress levels were reported to have an obesity risk twice as high as children in low-stress families.

Felix-Sebastian Koch, a doctoral student from Linkping University, elaborated on some of the findings in a recent interview with Reuters health. "Families can probably deal with some stress or stressors," he said, "but not with several at the same time." Koch went on to point out that when stress becomes too much for a family to handle, "children are at higher risk to develop childhood obesity."

Click here to read the report from The Journal of Pediatrics.



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