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Your Smartphone Flash Can Detect Eye Cancer In Children, New Campaign Says (Video)

A rare and deadly cancer could be detected by using your smartphone, according to a charity in the U.K.

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust is working with Wunderman marketing agency to launch a new campaign that uses a series of interactive posters to educate parents in how to see signs of retinoblastoma.

According to the Daily Mirror, retinoblastoma, an aggressive, deadly eye cancer that affects children, grows quickly. But detecting it early can save the child’s life.

A tumor in the eye of a child with the cancer will reflect back a white mark, instead of “red eye,” in a photo taken using flash photography.

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The posters, which will appear in GP surgeries and baby clinics this week across the U.K., uses an innovative reflective ink featuring a real retinoblastoma survivor aged between 2 and 5 years, the Daily Express reports.

Parents have been invited to take a photo of the poster on their smartphones, with the child’s pupil appearing white in the resulting picture, in contrast to the healthy-looking eye in the poster.

Watch a video demonstrating how the reflective ink works and raising awareness about retinoblastoma below.

“We're always trying to find innovative ways to catch someone's attention,” Matt Batten, chief creative officer at Wunderman, said, according to "Here we show that innovation doesn't always have to be some form of complex digital technology to create a moment of connection and a meaningful experience."

He added: “As a parent, doctor or carer of kids, it's very impactful to think that you just looked into the eye of a real child who survived this terrible cancer. And you were able to have a first-hand experience of what to look for in your own loved ones, or those in your care.”

Sources: Daily MirrorDaily Express, The Drum / Photo Credit: CHECT UK/YouTube


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