Your June Challenge: Be Confident in That Swimsuit!

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Credit: Jemingway

Yep, it’s swimsuit season. And since we’ve already tackled feeling better about being in the buff, we thought it only appropriate to take it one step further—feeling good being half-naked in public! So starting tomorrow, we’re challenging you to put that swimsuit on (doesn’t matter if it’s a string bikini or a one-piece circa 1955) and start strutting your stuff—no matter what state of fit your bottom is in.

Spend the time in your suit talking to your friends, playing with your kids, getting in a game of beach volleyball or just relaxing and reading a book. We challenge you to really engage in those fun activities—instead of obsessing about whether or not your thighs look bigger than last year or wishing that you looked like that Jennifer Aniston lookalike who’s always lounging down at your community pool.

Life is too short to spend it wishing you were or weren’t something else. So, take this month to squash the comparison trap for good (fantastic tips for doing so here!) and start feeling better about yourself with these body-confidence tips. Commit to this challenge on our discussion board (sign up for our free SparkPeople team here!), and come July you’ll be a sure-of-herself force to be reckoned with! —Jenn


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