Can Contraceptive Pill or Shot Affect Cholesterol?


How is your cholesterol number? First of all, you need to know. You actually need to know a few things more about your heart's health than just your cholesterol number, or your lipid levels. But it's a big start for you to improve your health if you get those levels in line.

So it's an obvious question to ask how your contraception affects your cholesterol numbers. And it's a big topic that we cannot complete cover in one conversation, so read the other posts and check back often! Women on long-term progesterone (progesterone only pills, the Mirena, the Implanon, Depo shots should not expect metabolic effects of their contraception. Therefore you shouldn't see changes in how you metabolize sugar, and how your blood chemistries test.

Women on DMPA were studied by the World Health Organization. In that study women were tested relatively soon after they started Depo Provera, when we would expect the highest concentractions of the hormone in the blood.  In that first study they showed that the HDL cholesterol was lower and LDL cholesterol was higher than these values were before the women got on their contraception. So for some women on DMPA, they should monitor their blood levels of cholesterol at least once a year.


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