Young Woman Who is Crowdfunding Her Abortion Gets Shut Down By Popular Fundraising Website

A woman known only as “Bailey” decided she was no longer able to go through with her unplanned pregnancy – but was also unable to afford the abortion she desperately wanted to get. So, at 19 weeks along, she decided to seek help in an unorthodox place: GoFundMe.com, the website that promotes “Crowdfunding for Everyone,” reports The Daily Dot.

Apparently, “everyone” doesn’t include young women who are looking to terminate their pregnancies and who title their fundraising campaign, “Stop Bailey From Breeding Fund.”

After they say they received several complaints from site users, GoFundMe reportedly sent Bailey an email in which they wrote, “We’re sorry to inform you that after careful review, GoFundMe has determined that your campaign is not appropriate for our site,” reports The Blaze. The email continued, “Accordingly, your GoFundMe account has been removed and your campaign is no longer visible on GoFundMe.”

Prior to its removal, Bailey had been successful in receiving donations from strangers who empathized with her cause: that she was “unemployed, completely broke, in debt, and in no position to hold down a job due to severe symptoms of a rough, unplanned and unexpected pregnancy.”

The woman reportedly told Vice News that she is having a “really painful” pregnancy and that the pain is so bad, she sometimes can’t get up out of bed. She also says she has been to the doctor for an ultrasound, but can’t confirm that she suffers from a “specific condition.”

It’s unclear which part of her campaign page certain visitors found offensive. The young woman also reportedly included the following controversial details on her page: “Aside from having no desire to raise a child, she is economically unstable and can barely afford to support herself, which means having enough money to pay rent, smoke cigarettes, drink rockstar, support her friends in prison, and if she’s really busted her ass, maybe to go to a show or two.”

GoFundMe has confirmed they will forward all of the funds the woman has raised to her. According to one of Bailey’s friends, she is scheduled to have her abortion this week.

Sources: The Daily Dot, The Blaze, Vice News

Photo Credit: GoFundMe


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