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Unknown Illness Leads To Seven Years Of Chemotherapy

A 23-year-old British woman underwent seven years of chemotherapy treatments for a condition she may not have.

Kirsty Keep went through so much agony for seven years that she recently begged her mother to take her to a Swiss suicide clinic to end her suffering.

Kirsty has been undergoing treatment, including chemotherapy and steroids, for the autoimmune disease, lupus. She recently learned from a specialist at London's Guy’s Hospital that her symptoms, which include chronic pain and seizures, could more likely be due to a genetic bone and skin disorder, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome affects the connective tissue that supports skin, bones, muscles and ligaments, as well as many organs.

Kirsty’s mother, Theresa, is not convinced by the diagnosis, and wants her daughter to be tested for Lyme disease.

Kirsty’s health problems began when she was 12 year old and was bitten by a tick in her family’s yard. The bite mark spread to the size of her hand.

Over the next 11 years, Kirsty suffered from Bell’s palsy, which paralyzes one half of the face, and experienced sudden, severe facial pain which she described as feeling like “electric shocks.”

She began having severe seizures and feeling as though her muscles were “ripping” and her “bones were snapping,” eventually causing her to be bedridden.

Kirsty’s pain has gotten so severe she requested to be taken to a Swiss assisted dying clinic, Dignitas.

Doctors are still working to diagnose and treat Kirsty’s problems and her family has started fundraising to find a cure.

“We can’t even begin to thank everyone who has donated,” Kirsty’s mother told Kent Online. “We’ve got the funds but we don’t know which way to turn. What if all the money in the world can’t help her?”

Sources: Daily MailKent Online / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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