Young Woman Hospitalized For 'Sharp Pains' Ends Up Getting The Biggest Shock Of Her Life


A Massachusetts woman likely had one of the most bizarre days of her life when she found out she was pregnant and gave birth only an hour later.

According to reports, Katherine Kropas woke up Tuesday morning with sharp pains in her stomach, and in an effort to find out what was causing her agony, the 23-year-old had her boyfriend of two years, 40-year-old Dan Keefe, go with her to the hospital.

“I felt like I was getting stabbed in my lower back," Kropas said. "I have a high tolerance for pain, but this was like a 9 [on a scale of 10].”

Initial testing showed that Kropas was five weeks pregnant, and while that was certainly news to the couple, Kropas says she wasn’t entirely surprised due to some other symptoms. What shocked them, however, was when nurses discovered later that day that Kropas was nine centimeters dilated and about to give birth.

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“I noticed my ankles were swollen and there was a bit of blood. I had no idea I was full-term, though,” Kropas said. “My boyfriend, Dan, asked if he should call my mom. ‘Yeah, you should probably call,' I said.”

Not even an hour after discovering that she was full term, Kropas gave birth to a healthy, 10-pound baby girl – Ellen Olivia Keefe.

“It's been an exciting couple of days, but it's tiring. At this point it might as well be a meet and greet,” Kropas said. “People come by saying, we knew each other freshman year of high school, and I'm like, OK.”

Kropas says that she and her family are extremely happy to have a new addition, but the new mom says there’s “no need to rush” anything else like marriage or baby showers at this point.

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