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Woman Inspires Others On Social Media After Losing Weight And Becoming Healthy

A young mother from the U.K. is inspiring loads of people on Instagram after shedding over 70 pounds and chronicling her journey from eating fast food to eating healthy meals.

Lauren Wallis, 25, a bakery worker, told The Mirror she reached almost 200 pounds after going to McDonald’s to eat up to three times a day on a regular basis. Wallis also admits that she constantly binged on large portions of cereal and would eat seven hot dogs in one sitting.

By the time Wallis reached a size 18, she saw a photo of herself from a night out and was horrified at the sight. After giving birth to her daughter, the 25-year-old decided that she had reached her breaking point, and within a short amount of time, she got down to a size eight, all the while sharing her journey on Instagram.

Now, the slender mom has over 19,000 followers on the social media photo-sharing site and is inspiring people to take their health into their own hands.

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“When I was at my biggest I had no confidence,” Wallis admitted to The Mirror. “I had always been chunky, but when I left school I worked as a supervisor in a call centre and my weight ballooned. My eating was out of control. I could eat seven hotdogs in one sitting and sometimes I would go to McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was terrible. I wasn’t educated in healthy eating. I would drink a lot of fizzy drinks like Coca Cola and Dr Pepper. I did notice my weight going up but nobody ever mentioned it to me. Whenever I went on a night out I wore dark, baggy clothes and if I wore high heeled shoes my feet would bleed and blister because of my weight.”

Wallis says she started to change her lifestyle and got down to a size 12, but when she got pregnant and gave birth to her daughter, her weight once again got out of control. Finally, Wallis had had enough.

“I have completely changed my lifestyle. I love cooking and we never eat frozen food,” Wallis said. “When I go out I wear high heels and my feet don’t bleed anymore, and my wardrobe is an array of colour[sic]. I am a much happier and more confident person now that I have lost weight, and I want to inspire other people to feel the same way.”

Sources: Metro UK, The Daily Mirror / Photo Sources: Instagram


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