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'Full Of Charisma And Laughter': Family Mourns After 22-Year-Old Dies Of Heart Attack

A young mother of two died on vacation in Spain after she collapsed unexpectedly.

Aisling Anderson, 22, of North Belfast, Ireland, was a “devoted mother, full of charisma and always smiling,” according to her uncle, Gerard McCabe, who is a councilor of the Irish political party Sinn Fein, Belfast Live reports. Anderson had a 3-month-old girl and a 4-year-old boy.

She and her partner got engaged less than two weeks before the trip to the island of Majorca, McCabe told Irish News.

She became sick at the Majorca resort in Santa Ponsa, despite having no underlying health issues, according to McCabe.

Anderson collapsed while the couple were enjoying a night out. Paramedics tried for an hour to resuscitate Anderson, but she passed away from heart failure.

McCabe said the lives of her family members have all been shattered. Anderson’s sisters flew to the resort to make arrangements for the delivery of her remains back home. Meanwhile, Anderson's partner returned home to care for their two children.

"The only way to describe our Aisling was happy-go-lucky," McCabe said. " She was always the center of attraction — full of charisma and laughter. She was always happy in herself and being a mother to those two wee youngsters."

Sources: Belfast Live, Irish News

Photo credit: Ash Ash/Facebook, Irish News


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