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Mother Dies In Jail From Untreated Infection (Video)

Jennifer Meyers, 37, died from an infection in the Macomb County Jail in Michigan on July 7, 2013. Meyers was sentenced to 30 days in jail for falling behind on her child support payments. She was dead on her 12th day in jail (video below).

WDIV obtained video depositions given by two female inmates to Robert Ihrie, a lawyer who represents Meyers' family in a federal lawsuit.

"We gotta check her pulse, and she went like this, she was like ice cold, and we knew right then that she was gone," the first female inmate recalled.

Meyers was never taken to a hospital by the Macomb County Sheriff's Department or the privately contracted medical professionals at the jail.

"The minute I touched her she felt like she was in a meat freezer," the second female inmate stated.

"Obviously, when somebody comes in to the jail, the punishment is being there," Ihrie told the news station. "The punishment isn't to die."

The Meyers' family lawsuit says the jail staff and medical contractors ignored obvious signs of Meyers' illness.

"I know she had just gotten out of the shower and she was sweating so bad," the first female inmate recalled.

The inmates tried to cool Meyers by placing wet towels on her, but the single mom became more unwell with each passing day.

"Nobody ever came in to check on her to see if she was OK," the first female inmate said. "She wasn't eating. She wasn't drinking."

During the last three days of her life, Meyers was so ill that she could not leave her bed for meals.

"She was literally laying in bed, cuddled up like this, you know, like not even able to move," the first female inmate added.

Meyers often filed requests for medical care, a process known in jails as kiting, but was reportedly ignored.

"She was kiting all the time and the nurses would not do nothing about it," the second female inmate said. "[The nurse] says you're gonna have to give it to midnight staff or morning staff. I can't do nothing about it."

The inmates recalled that Meyers begged for help for days.

"The nurses aren't doing crap about it," the the second female inmate recalled. "The officers, you know, don't give her time of day."

According to Meyers' autopsy, she died from acute sepsis, which included acute bacterial endocarditis, where the infection had moved to the heart, and several abscesses. Infections can be treated with antibiotics, if caught early enough.

"To leave them in jail with an infection that ultimately leads to their death, it's just about the same as putting them to death," medical consultant Dr. Frank McGeorge, who studied Meyers autopsy, told WDIV.

The female inmates recalled that other inmates noticed a foul smell, a sign of her infection, coming from Meyers, and encouraged her to shower.

"If she were anywhere in the normal world, outside of jail, she would have taken herself to the hospital or to an emergency room," McGeorge added.

"She had been begging for help," the second female inmate said. "They didn't do s*** about it."

The Macomb County Sheriff's Department refused to comment on Meyers because it is an open and active litigation.

David Stojcevski died in the same jail on June 10, 2014, after not being able to pay $772 for a careless driving ticket, reported WWJ-TV.

The 32-year-old man was being recorded by jail surveillance cameras when he died.

His family sued Macomb County for wrongful death because he was allegedly denied medications for his drug addiction by the jail and medical staff:

All of the named defendants herein were so deliberately indifferent to David’s mental health and medical needs that the defendants, named and unnamed in this litigation, monitored, watched and observed David spend the final 10 days of his life suffering excruciating benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms.

Sources: WDIV, WWJ-TV / Photo credit: WDIV via YouTube

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