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Young Man Gets Stripped Naked, Beaten with Belt Over $20 Debt (Video)

An unidentified young man in Newark, New Jersey, was recently forced to strip out of his clothes and endure a beating with a belt while being recorded on video (below).

According to, a group of men surrounded the young victim and ordered him to strip while a man in a black shirt yelled about debt owed by the victim's father.

"Where my money at?" he demanded.

"I don't know," said the young man.

For about 90 seconds, the young man is whipped with the belt while the group laughs at him.

At the end of the video, someone announces the amount of money that was behind attack was only $20.

"You don't know how bad I want to see the kid who did that taken into custody," said Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio, who dispatched three police squads to find the man holding the belt in the video, which he called "sickening."

"To see him stripped down naked and taken advantage of and abused like that, it was sickening to me. I pictured somebody doing that to my son … the people that did that need to be brought to justice for sure."

"The perpetrator as well as those who stood idly by laughing and videotaping this act of savage brutality should be brought to justice," said Newark City Council President Anibal Ramos.

DeMaio said police are aware of a Twitter account that has been associated with publicizing the video. Dozens of tweets linking to the video identify someone owning the Twitter handles @440BoyRiqBubz and @RiqBubz as the person who began promoting the clip online.

Additionally, the hacktivist group 'Anonymous' also named those Twitter accounts.


Warning: While the video does not show nudity, which has been blurred out, the beating is graphic.


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