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U.K. Boy With Dairy Allergy Dies After Eating Pasta At Italian Restaurant

British boy Cameron Wahid reportedly died from anaphylactic shock after he had a bad reaction to the spaghetti he ate at a restaurant in Italy.  

Cameron, 7, was with his parents and little brother in Scala, Italy, when they ate the meal on Oct. 27, The Telegraph reports.

At the restaurant, Cameron ate half a bowl of pasta al pomodoro, which included homemade pasta, followed by fruit. When the group boarded the bus, Cameron reportedly began to have trouble breathing, and went into cardiac arrest.

There was a doctor nearby who managed to revive Cameron after 15 minutes, and the boy was then taken to a local hospital. He was eventually flown by helicopter to Naples’ Santobono Hospital.

Cameron died at the hospital on Oct. 30.

Police are reportedly investigating whether or not Cameron's mother clearly communicated the extent of his allergies to the restaurant. The boy's allergy is related to dairy products, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: Telegraph, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Healthy Travel, Telegraph


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