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Breastfeeding Must-Haves for New Moms

Sure, breastfeeding is a beautiful and bonding experience. But it can also be messy and uncomfortable. These essential accessories, below, will help make your breastfeeding time easier.

Nursing Bras
You’ll want to have one or two of these easy-access items (most have cups that unclasp or unsnap in front) for the first few days of new motherhood, but wait until your milk comes in to get any additional ones so you can ensure a good fit, suggests Kristen Chase, cofounder of

Milkin’ Mommas co-founder Paula Caplan, CLEC, cautions, “An ill-fitting bra can lead to plugged ducts or mastitis.” Breathable cotton or microfiber materials are a good bet. Larger-breasted women may need a bra with an underwire, though some say they’re not as comfortable, and you won’t want to sleep in those, Chase adds. Another great invention for nursing moms are nursing tops. Motherwear makes a great line of tops that allow you to easily nurse whlle wearing them. Buy them here.

Nursing Pads

For unexpected leaks, look for pads that are absorbent but not so obvious when worn out in public, says Chase, noting that washable pads are worth checking out. “They are environmentally friendly, often more absorbent and comfortable, and easily washed and dried for use,” she explains. We loves these adorable polka dot nursing pads (pictured) we saw on the great website, Etsy. Buy them here.


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