This Woman's Legs Won't Stop Growing


A New Jersey woman has a medical condition that causes her legs to grow enormously large.

Katia Page, 36, has lipoedema, a chronic disorder that causes fatty tissue to accumulate in the lower body.

Page has undergone a series of liposuction procedures to reduce the swelling in her legs, the Daily Mail reports "Before I had my surgeries, my legs were like 50 to 54 inches," she says.

Doctor Lizzie Gottsegen, who is managing Page's progress, said, "there are not many therapists or doctors for that matter that are even aware of this disease.  If Katia had no surgery, if she had no bandaging, if she had no will to move -- Katia would be dead very soon."

Page added: "The swelling was at one point so bad that my ankles would be literally hanging all the way over my foot. My biggest fear is becoming immobile because once I can't move, I know this disease will progress and I could lose my life."

Remarkably, Page knows the condition doesn't define her. "I'm smart, I'm educated, I can cook and I'm a good catch! You'd be a fool not to want me," she says. "I'm engaged and we're going to get married soon.  And to be honest with you, he loves me anyway, but I just want to look my best."

Lipoedema occurs almost exclusively in women, although there have been cases reported in men, according to Britain's National Health Service.

According to Dr. David Greuner, Page's surgeon, "She'll probably require 10-12 procedures to really get her down to a manageable level over the course of about three to four years."

Page says she still has a positive attitude. "I really do still enjoy life regardless of the fact I might have this disease," she said.

Page is due to appear in a show called "My Legs Won't Stop Growing," on TLC.

Sources: Daily Mail, NHS / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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