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Useful or Unnecessary? New Toilet Product Stops Bathroom Smells & Sounds

We’re done with the bathroom products after this one, we swear. After we reviewed Just a Drop, the bathroom odor eliminator, we received another girl-friendly bathroom product in the mail to test. Who knew there were so many of these products on the market?

This one, dubbed “You Go Girl!” makes even grander claims than Just a Drop. It dampens the smell, which, if you ask us is a necessity in any bathroom product. It also minimizes the sound of your bathroom adventure. And? It also reduces the yucky “splash up” effect, called “plume.” (Who knew that splash up had an official name? That made my day.)

How does it work? You sprinkle the product in the toilet before you go to create a foamy, lathery surface on which to “go.” Then, you go.

How did it work? It definitely dampens the sound. Although it made the urine stream sound foamier and less tinkly, it was definitely effective in curbing any splishing and splashing sounds from “other stuff.” Also? The smell was great—really fresh—and I found it to be even more effective than Just a Drop, although it was slightly more time consuming to use by a few seconds, and the container is definitely less discreet. I won’t speak to the anti-splash effects as some things are off limits even around here, so you’ll just have to do a first-hand experiment yourself by commenting on the Fit Bottomed Girls site to win a sample. (U.S. residents only, please.)

And check out a You Go Girl! product demo video to see how it works. No worries—it just shows the foaming action, no gross stuff here! —Erin


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