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Health Insurance for Yoga Teachers Now Available

Calling all Yoga teachers and studios! Are you insured? If not, YOGANONYMOUS has your answer – our friend (and guest blogger) Chuck Peterson has recently made his easy to get, no-headaches approach to insurance for Yoga teachers accessible to all. I can tell you from personal experience that setting up insurance with Chuck was a simple and pleasant experience – read on to find out more!

About Chuck:

Yogichuck aka Chuck Peterson, CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) is the vice president of commercial lines for Peterson Insurance Services, Inc.  Chuck has been in the family insurance business for over 10 years specializing in providing custom insurance solutions to business owners to fit their individual exposures at the right price.

Yoga found Chuck during a very tough period of his life.  For years, he suffered from dis-ease in the form of depression and anxiety. The panic attacks were relentless and he turned to prescription anti-anxiety medications to numb the pain.  After facing his own personal storm including a stint in rehab, Chuck found health and happiness in a large part due to yoga.  The strength, grace, and levity that his yoga practice brought transformed his life.

Today, Chuck is grateful for every step of his journey. There are no ordinary moments!

From Chuck:

Teacher Insurance

The idea behind it was for me, a fellow yogi and yoga teacher, to help out other yogis/yoginis in obtaining proper coverage.  Also, I thought it was important having one of our own explain why we need coverage, what it covers us for, and being a personal advocate in the event of any claims. The program is really starting to pick up momentum thanks to word of mouth referrals and synchronicity from fellow yogis and yoginis!

With coverage plans starting at $160 a year the savings can be $65-$80 compared to the total cost the program offered through Yoga Journal’s website. I can explain all of this in detail and break it down in easy to understand terms! I could also assist you with auto, home, renters, business, and or life insurance if you are interested.I would be your agent, advocate, and advisor with personal service.

The policy covers general liability (i.e. – slip and fall), professional liability (i.e. – improper adjustments, advice, etc), sexual harassment/molestation, and medical payments for participants. One of the highlights of this program is it offers $10,000 in medical payments for clients compared to other policies with lower limits of $2,500 or $5,000. It also offers a higher limit of fire legal liability than most programs have which covers you in case you are liable for damage to the building (i.e. you burn down the building and are responsible for the damages). It also includes $100,000-$300,000 coverage for sexual/abuse molestation coverage. I would be happy to explain all this for you in greater detail anytime.

For pricing information please visit

Studio Insurance

I have access to several carriers, so I can find you the coverage to fit your studio’s needs at the most reasonable cost. Also, as the studio owner you would be covered under the policy so there is no need for you to have a separate individual policy for yourself as an instructor.

Click Herefor additional information and to sign up today!


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