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How Yoga Helps You Find an 'Open Heart'

Within each of us we have a place where we store our joys, heartbreaks, anger, tenderness and many more emotions. It is a place where we feel deeply and strongly.

I like to compare it to a box of chocolate filled with surprises. Never knowing what we will experience at that given moment. Savoring each bite with curiosity, awareness and a longing for it to last for an eternity.

Every feeling that emerges within belongs to us. Each beat is our guide to the way we feel or act. Nothing in the outer world belongs to us except these sensations. We are born with it and will give in to it. Science has done their fair share of analyzing about it yet have they truly discovered the beauty or the power it holds?

This place has the ability to pick up the pieces when it gets hurt. It feels light and loved when we care for it. It feels the warmth when we listen or acknowledge it. This place is our inner guru or teacher and voice in our spiritual journey on this earth.

"Hear the beat..... it is saying something.... shh!........ listen". Each beat has an emotion, thought or story to tell.

It's nature is pure and simple but can get tainted if we wronged it. It seeks the good in each one of us, only if we could surrender to it. At times it gets over ruled by the mind and at other times it leads us to our next phase in life.

To the ancient Egyptians the 'heart' held a significant importance over the mind! The heart was taken out before mummification and then put back into place. The HEART was the home for the soul and without it the soul could not move to the next life.

It carries the weight of our very existence on this earth. To some this place is known as the Temple, Self, or simply the HEART.

The next time you find yourself on your mat be aware of the center of your heart. It just wants to be heard. The practice of yoga encourages or gently nudges one to listen attentively to the heart.

Home is where the heart is... so make it safe, care and love it. Get in touch with your heart and listen and see the miracles it offers......


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