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Yoga for Sinuses: The Neti Pot

Four years ago when I was introduced to The Neti Pot in my yoga teacher training, I was shocked at the idea of pouring salted water up my nose [who wouldn't be?!]. I mean, this has been something I've avoided since age 10 when nobody told me to exhale before dive-bombing into a pool. And as with most "childhood traumas," this one stuck (luckily nobody threw me into the pool or I'm sure the damage would have a whole new edge).

Anyway, I've been a regular neti pot practitioner ever since, and the results are amazing! Quite honestly, it's been about 2 years since I've had even just a common cold. One hint of the sniffles, and the tea pot comes out. If you want to stay healthy through the flu season, I highly recommend you purchase a neti pot. Here are directions for use:

1. Put a half teaspoon of sea salt into the pot.
2. Fill the container with luke warm water.
3. Determine which nostril feels less clogged (this is the side you'll "water" first).
4. Insert the spout into your nostril, tilt your head, and allow the water to flow out the other nostril.
5. Then, gently blow your nose, closing off one nostril at a time.

Ta Da! That's it!

It feels great, and is of huge benefit to anyone suffering from allergies or wishing to avoid the common cold. Thanks to Oprah, this isn't such a strange thing anymore. People have been breathing easier since she aired her approval of the ancient Ayurvedic system in January 2006.


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