Yoga for Children with Special Needs

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Founder of Every Kids Yoga Craig Hanauer joins to highlight how yoga can be used as a therapeutic and fun-filled approach for assisting children with special needs. Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Sensory Processing Dysfunction and Mild Cerebral Palsy can reap tremendous benefits from a regular yoga practice, leading to increased health, creativity and connections with self and others. Craig will share his insights and expertise from years of working with children with special needs.

Listen to Craig Hanauer's podcast here.

In this interview, Craig gives specific examples of how yoga can be a powerful adjunct therapy for children with special needs, underlying the many benefits it provides, as he highlights the connections between yoga class and the world. Of special note is yoga’s ability to develop core strength, thereby freeing the muscles and mechanisms of breathing to perform their proper function. In addition, yoga’s ability to provide proprioceptive input and vestibular input is extremely useful for therapists, teachers, caregivers and parents in meeting the developmental needs of their children.

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