Book Review: "Yoga For Chickens" Unique Intro to Yoga


Look… there’s very little else I can say to encourage those who haven’t yet made their way onto the mat, and until now, I wouldn’t have thought of this one, but if a chicken can freaking do it then, really…

As you’ve probably guessed, this won’t be your yogi’s yoga manual.

In this clever and fowl take on the practice, not only has Lynn Brunelle, one of the creative minds behind the TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy and the board game, Cranium, offered yoga from one of the most unique perspectives in print, she’s provided just that little extra encouragement in the form of an eagerly game, albeit slightly harried, model to guide you through the poses.

Written and illustrated by the talented Brunelle, Yoga for Chickens is geared to “lead you along the poultry path of self-awareness” and if you are interested- and who wouldn’t be- ponder along with you, your “being and chickenness.”

There is practical instruction, though brief, introducing readers to poses they might not be familiar with, such as “Wingstand,” “Rooster’s Sunrise Salutation,” and “Boneless Chicken Pose” (more commonly known as Corpse Pose).  But what is most charming about the book is the tidbits of wisdom, the things we likely have already heard, but could use perhaps another reminder, in a unique and memorable way.

As you might rightly assume, your average chicken is probably a little ruffled trying yoga for the first time.  But, as with anything, if a chicken can transcend her fears and give it a go… what are you waiting for?


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