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Couples Yoga Helps David & Victoria Beckham's Relationship

If you’re looking for a pair of bodies to get you motivated to hit the mat, I suppose you don’t have to look much farther than the Beckhams.

Style icons for sure, but the picture of yogic marital bliss? Who knew?!

With the help of twice-a-week couple sessions at The Sports Club LA in Beverly Hills, not only are their bodies kept enviably beautiful, but their relationship, too, is apparently made that much stronger.

According to an insider, “It’s a very intimate experience. You have to learn to become one entity entirely. You stretch, breathe and move as one – it’s great for couples, and is probably better than talking in a way.”

In addition to regular practice of deprivation yoga to keep their bodies lean and lovely, thanks to the classes, which include the ancient hands-on healing energy technique of reiki as well as meditation where the pair chant mantras to one another, Becks, 35, and Posh, 36, married 11 years, are able to better weather the persistent accusations of David’s infidelity that seem to plague them.

Keeping a man like David Beckham, and his various appetites, satisfied has got to be a full-time job… let’s hope the power of yoga can help out a little.


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