2-Year-Old Contact Lens Found In Girl's Eye


Doctors examining an 11-year-old girl who shed bloody tears reportedly discovered that she had a 2-year-old contact lens stuck in her eye.

The unidentified girl, who is from Hong Kong, went to her doctor when her upper eyelid began to swell, the Daily Mail reported on April 28. At first, doctors believed she was suffering from a chalazion – a common issue in which a blocked oil gland causes a lump to form in the eyelid – and sent her home after prescribing antibiotics.

The next morning, however, the girl discovered that she was crying blood-stained tears.

CT scans taken at the opthalmologist's office seemed to indicate the presence of a lesion on her eye. When a doctor turned her eyelid inside out to look for the lesion, however, an old contact lens dropped out.

The lens had reportedly been lodged in her eye for the last two years.

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According to the girl's mother, her daughter had been given the lens to wear while sleeping. The device was designed to help reshape the child's cornea and prevent her near-sightedness from getting worse. The girl had reportedly lost the lens two years ago, not realizing it had been in her eye the entire time.

The girl's eye returned to normal after the old lens was removed, according to Fox 8. It was not clear whether she had to undergo further treatment.

Her case was documented in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports.

Doctors wrote in the journal that lost contact lenses are more difficult to diagnose in children because they are not able to give a detailed medical history. Contact lenses lodged in the eye are often mistaken for other issues in CT scans.   

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 8 / Photo Credit: BMJ Case Reports via Daily Mail

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