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Yaritza Oliva, 20, Cries Tears of Blood

Yaritza Oliva, 20, has a strange condition that causes her to cry tears of blood.

She discovered the odd malady earlier this month.

Oliva, who lives in Purranque, Chile, has seen a doctor, but was told she does not have an infection.

She was given eye drops to help her with the "indescribable" pain of crying blood several times a day.

Oliva's parents are now trying to raise money to send their daughter to an eye specialist, notes The Sun.

"Please put your hands over your hearts, see our situation and help my daughter," her father pleaded with viewers on a local TV show.

There is a rare condition called "haemolacria" that causes people to cry blood. So far there are only three documented cases in the world.

Haemolacria may be a symptom of a serious illness or a high level of hormones in fertile women

Source: The Sun


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