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Xander The Blind Therapy Dog Comforts Victims Of Child and Spousal Abuse in Oregon

Service dogs and animals are common nowadays, but one dog in Oregon stands out from the rest.

When two-year-old pug mix Xander was a puppy, he suffered a head injury that resulted in the removal of both of his eyes. His original owner left the 10-month-old dog at the Klamath Animal Shelter.

Rodney Beedy and his wife, Marcie, saw something special in Xander and adopted him. The dog was soon trained to become a certified therapy dog and passed the Pet Partners Therapy Dog test.

“I loved him,” Rodney said of his first meeting with Xander. “Just his personality and everything."

Xander now works comforting victims of child and spousal abuse.

“I am the only four-footed member of the Hospital Guild and I’m always on call for visits!” someone wrote for Xander on his website. “I love to spend time with anyone who needs companionship, comfort or may be feeling lonely. I also help kids who are afraid of dogs overcome their fear, and often accompany the Hands and Words are Not for Hurting group on school programs and other outings.”

“A lot of times he’ll hear a child crying at an event and he’s bolted several times, at least 500 feet over to this child to comfort them,” Rodney told Buzzfeed.

While Xander’s help and work goes a long way, Rodney says the ideal situation would be for Xander not have to comfort people who are victims of abuse.

“It would be great if Xander didn’t have a job,” Rodney said. “There would be no hurting kids out there. If Xander didn’t have a job, that would be wonderful. He would just play all the time.”

Xander is on a mission to stop violence, according to his Facebook page. Until that day comes, “he will comfort the young and old.”


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