Lonely, Boastful or TMI: When Facebook Friends Overshare


Michelle Kemper Brownlow: We all waste time on Facebook. But, this week I found myself screaming "WTH?" at my screen when I caught a glimpse of what some of my own Facebook friends were sharing with the world!

There were the people who just want to make you jealous:

"Back in the saddle again! Working on two final core projects for the new book."
"Breakfast in Boston, lunch in LA, dinner in Hawaii."

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I also found "friends" who need to spend less time in front of the computer/TV:
"Is it thursday yet?"
"Pursuant to Star Fleet general order 104 section A, you are deemed unfit and I hereby relieve you from your command."
"Is soooo loving this Jake and Vienna interview is such a train wreck and I can't stop watching and laughing!!!"

Some just need someone to talk to:
"I'm wondering - what's the dumbest thing you've ever done?"
"What are YOU doing right NOW?"
"Talk to me!"

There were those who need daily (sometimes hourly) reassurance:
"Okay, so, I have no communication whatsoever w/ my son, who is on a glacier or a volcano somewhere in Iceland. "
"I feel like a failure to my family."

Some share helpful tips:
"Marriage Lesson: When you're sleeping face to face with your wife and you sneeze on her...even though accidental and involuntary...it is NOT funny..."
"Never fart in the spray-tanning stall...I almost died!"

Too many leave TMI!
"now dinner, then shower/bath, then bed!"
"Today, I actually laughed until I peed!"

"NEVER eat a dozen prunes in an hour ... I can't get out of the bathroom!"

Some...well, I just don't know...

"Jing, joing jadda sing see!"

"He's got sherpes!"

"I am no longer to be known as Mr., Jesse, or even Daddy. From hence forth I am to be known as.....Chickenburp."

Whatever did we do before we could broadcast every second of our lives to hundreds of people simultaneously? Thanks, Facebook!


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