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Would You Rent a Fake Facebook Girlfriend?

In what may be one of the more ingenious plots to capitalize on the wonders of capitalism, a new online service has surfaced that offers men a fake online girlfriend to be “in a relationship” with them on Facebook while posting sweet nothings on their wall every so often.

Like real girlfriends, however, the site does require a commitment — at least three months at the hefty sum of $750. Despite the price, and other internet girlfriend sites have received a large influx of interest from potential customers.

“We received 85,000 emails in [the first] three weeks from people who wanted to learn more,” said a co-founder of Cloud Girlfriend to the BBC.

Men seeking these fake internet girlfriends are usually looking to either make an ex-girlfriend jealous or to hide their homosexuality.

“Sometimes people want to keep certain aspects of their personal life, well personal and private. The one way to do this is to hire a fake Internet girlfriend for appearances sake. It avoids all the pesky little questions about why you've never been seen dating a girl before,” the fake internet girlfriend site says.

Facebook, however, has driven these sites underground because fake profiles violate their terms and conditions. Nevertheless, the sites will likely exist as long as there is a demand for them.

These websites are arguably morally unsound, but there is something to be said about the ingenuity of taking advantage of men willing to pay a large sum of money for a fake internet profile to profess its love for him. What makes this venture even better is that the businesses are making money off of fake internet profiles — something these men could easily do for themselves, if it wasn’t for the truck load of shame they’d feel writing on their own walls. 

(The Atlantic)


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