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Would You Punish Your Teen By Leaving Them In Jail?


This weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that one mom was so peeved that her son stole a car, she left him in jail!

Seventeen-year-old Ravontay Hutchins snagged a pizza delivery vehicle after it was left running outside of a restaurant, and cops busted him on foot. At his hearing, his mom called him out as "spoiled," explaining that his dad was serving in the military in Iraq. After the judge set Ravontay's bail at $25,000, his mother told the judge, "I've got [the money to bail him out], but he's staying here, locked up!" Then she stomped out of the courtroom! When he was led out of court and to his cell, his mom yelled, "You think about that, while your dad's in Iraq."

So ... if your kid pulled a bonehead move like this, would ya punish him by leaving him in jail?


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