Would Jennifer Aniston Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Actress Jennifer Aniston, 42, was recently asked whether she would go under the knife in the name of beauty. In the past, she's always given consistent answers, saying that she has not had cosmetic surgery – despite an apparent nose job early in her acting career.

Recently, she's been hinting that she might consider plastic surgery in the future, perhaps when she turns 50. In a recent interview, she said "Talk to me in 10 years" about whether she'd go under the knife.

It's likely that even then, she'll proceed cautiously -- "A lot of women go too far and end up looking a hell of a lot older than they actually are and it sort of has a reverse effect," she says.

On the other hand, she does see the benefits of plastic surgery. "There is an extreme pressure on women and men to just stay young," she said recently. A year ago, she spoke to the British version of Harper's Bazaar about Botox, saying "I could do it. … These lines are getting deeper every day."

She's also said that she will "never, ever say ‘never’ about anything," leaving the door open to the possibility of plastic surgery in the future.

What do you think? Will Jennifer Aniston give in and get cosmetic surgery?


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