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Would Alabama Personhood Undo Corporate Personhood?

It seems as though every state is trying to outdo the next when it comes to creating the newest and more obvious legal challenge to Roe V. Wade. But the new push for personhood for fertilized eggs in Alabama has the possibility to go one step further, and possibly overturn corporate personhood along the way.

The American Independent reports that a variety of personhood bills and amendments are being proposed in the state of Alabama this week, all attempting to redefine a person as beginning at the moment of conception.  This includes "a ballot proposal to amend the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, so that every time the word 'person' is used in that document it would include 'all humans from the moment of fertilization.'"

Trying to create unconstitutional laws as a way to kick something up the legal line and try to get the case in front of the supreme court as a Roe V. Wade challenge is definitely not news.  But one fun wrinkly is TAI's interview with an anti-choice lawyer associated with the Personhood USA campaign, who states: "that Alabama’s constitution defines corporations as persons, but not unborn babies."

So, logically, if Alabama did in fact approve an amendment redefining a person as "all humans from the moment of fertilization" then it would then inevitably defining corporations as not a person.

I wonder how the Alabama business community feels about that side effect of the legislation?


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