Worst Celebrity Breast Augmentations


A botched boob job can be a nightmare, whether you're a celebrity or not. Unfortunately, even celebrities, with thousands to spend on the best plastic surgeons, sometimes end up with disastrous implants. You'd think the rich and famous would be able to find the best plastic surgeons, but sometimes that is clearly not the case, judging from these examples of botched celebrity plastic surgery:

Tori Spelling has gone under more plastic surgery procedures in her lifetime than most other celebrities. Surgeons have been working on her chest for decades, but unfortunately the results have not been spectacular. Should she stop going under the knife, or keep trying for better breasts?

Victoria Beckham isn't the victim of a botched boob job, per se, but the aesthetic results certainly could have been better. She ended up with perfectly round breasts, like baseballs perched on her chest. They just don't look natural.

Pamela Anderson made a career out of her famous appearance. Recently, though, it seems the surgeries she underwent to become a Baywatch babe have been catching up to her in her later years. Should she undergo revision surgery to try to keep her body looking young, or age gracefully and naturally?

Christina Aguilera has changed quite a bit since her days as a pop starlet in the late '90s, and not always for the better. It looks like someone in the industry advised her to get breast implants, but unfortunately her surgeon situated the implants oddly in her chest, rather than positioning them naturally.

Finally, Tara Reid's been in the tabloids as much for her partying ways as for her surgical enhancements. Her misshapen and asymmetrical breasts are the epitome of a botched boob job.

Are there any bad examples of celebrity boob jobs that have been left off this list?

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