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"World's Fattest Woman" Hopeful: Weight Doesn't Make Me a Bad Mom

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This week on Sirius Satellite Radio, Howard Stern and Robin Quivers spoke with Donna Simpson -- the mom of two who's attempting to become the world's fattest woman and hopes to reach 1,000 pounds -- about parenting.

Howard: Do you ever say to yourself, "I owe it to my kids to live"?

Robin: And to just be able to get around and participate with them?

Howard: And are your kids fat? You don't want them to see you and think, "OK, this is what Mom's into ... I'm into it, too."

Donna: No, they're not. They're not fat at all. My son is like 120 pounds and like 5'7" ... he's a stick. And my daughter is regular size ... she's 3.

Howard: Do they beg you to "Please lose weight, Mommy, we don't want you to die," that kind of thing?

Donna: No.

Howard: And you don't worry about that? That you can't be around for them?

Donna: That's why I really try to count out the cholesterol and really try to watch. And all my numbers are good. All my blood work is good.

Robin: And no one says anything to you about the prospects of the future? You have kids ....

Philippe Gouamba [Donna's boyfriend]: Yes, we do have kids ... you should see our little one and Donna's son.

Howard: Does it bother you that she could have trouble taking care of the kids at 1,000 pounds? She'll be bedridden.

Philippe: Well, Donna is a very good mom. Kids need love, they need affection, they need attention and they're getting all of that. We're very fortunate to be living in the United States where we have the best medical care in the world. We have great doctors here. The testimony to that is the birth of our 3 1/2-year-old daughter ... I mean, Donna was 530 pounds when she delivered. It took a team of thirty professionals. Dr. Brian Joseph treated the condition, which was pregnancy and the delivery. He didn't browbeat her into losing weight ten minutes before this delivery. He was a real medical professional who treated the condition, not the lifestyle.

Donna: It only took three people to actually deliver the baby, but they wanted the heads of everything standing by just in case. And of course there were people who just wanted to watch because we had the world's record.

Howard: World's record for what?

Philippe: Heaviest woman to ever deliver a baby vaginally.

Wow. Do you think Donna could be a good mom at 1,000 pounds -- or is this goal just cheating her kids out of a mother?


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