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World Health Organization Lowers Maximum Recommended Sugar Intake To 6 Teaspoons A Day

The World Health Organization recently lowered its daily recommendation for sugar intake, and now, the Daily Mail is reporting that many popular drink choices contain that amount or more in just one serving.

Earlier this month, the WHO announced that the recommended sugar intake for a person with a normal body mass index has been lowered to six teaspoons daily. This number is shocking when compared to the amount of sugar that is in one drink. A can of soda, for example, can usually contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar. Many people drink multiple cans of soda in one day, which makes the average intake of sugar way more than recommended.

The Daily Mail reports that many popular alcoholic drinks contain more sugar than people realize as well.

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*Image source: The Daily Mail

“I enjoy the occasional drink as much as anyone else,” said Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Cardiologist and science director for the Action On Sugar campaign. “But it is clearly better to choose the option with the least amount of sugar, as the evidence for added sugar being the number one health villain in the diet grows ever stronger. Evidence shows that a moderate amount of red wine, which is comparatively low in sugar, may actually protect against cardiovascular disease and this is my drink of choice.”

As Dr. Malhotra mentioned, red wine is one of the drinks with lower sugar content, and most beers also contain small amounts of sugar.

With the recommended sugar intake now at six teaspoons a day, it would be easy for anybody to push the limits simply by having two drinks.


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