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Celebrity Moms Get Back in Shape with Yoga and Pilates

We often marvel at how celebrity moms stay so fit and fabulous before, during and after their pregnancies, but the truth is, many of them work out religiously to stay in shape and to regain their figures after baby arrives. We've spotted a slew of famous moms coming and going from yoga and pilates classes, which are two of the most popular workouts in Hollywood and NYC. The good news for moms without star status? Yoga and pilates classes are readily available to all of us!

The ancient tradition of yoga still reigns supreme among celebrities who want an overall workout of their mind, spirit and body. Some even attribute pain-free childbirth and the art of living a stress-free life to their yoga practice.

Gwyneth Paltrow
The tall and slender Gwyneth Paltrow constantly raves about the benefits of yoga, saying the practice of yoga changed her life. She de-stresses by unwinding with the exercise, as opposed to indulging in sugary treats! But rest assured, Paltrow's amazing body is hard-earned. It is reported that she works out as much as three hours a day!

Julianne Moore
Red-headed beauty and phenomenal actress Julianne Moore says her one and only exercise of choice is yoga.

"I do yoga. In fact, it's pretty much the only thing I do, believe it or not. Yoga is nice because it gives me time to just zone out. But once you have children, it is shocking how quickly your day goes. I do a lot of that stuff with my kids. If I'm not working, it really is just about my family. So even finding time for yoga is a challenge."

Gisele Bündchen
Remember the headline-making news that Gisele's natural home birth didn't hurt in the slightest? (How much luck can one woman have?) Well, Gisele Bündchen attributes this jaw-dropping statement in part to her yoga practice:

"My delivery was in a bath tub, in water," the 29-year-old beauty said. "I wanted to have a home birth. I wanted to be very aware and present during the birth... I didn't want to be drugged up. So I did a lot of preparation, I did yoga and meditation, so I managed to have a very tranquil birth at home. It didn't hurt in the slightest...

With a delivery that easy and carefree, it's no surprise that Gisele wants lots of children... even if that includes, in her own words: bodily changes and breasts that sag.

Minnie Driver
Minnie Driver feels so strongly about the sacred influence of yoga in her life that she calls it her "church." The mom of 19-month-old Henry Story says, “My church is surfing and yoga. If I can get in a surf or practice yoga, then I will. Yoga’s great for when you’ve got a full brain and can’t stop the mind chatter."

Tiffani Thiessen
Vegetarian Tiffani Thiessen may have succumbed to meat cravings during pregnancy, but the star doesn't falter on her exercise regime, which includes hiking with her dogs and yoga.

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon is often seen around town in casual workout gear and baseball caps, and in addition to walking and exercising outdoors, Reese loves a good yoga session.

Age-defying megastar Madonna regularly practices Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga is a type of yoga that is more aerobic in nature, providing a cardiovascular workout that no doubt keeps Madonna in fighting shape for her performances.

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