Working in an Office is Killing You - Literally

Sore back. Bad circulation. These aren't even the worst things working in an office could be doing to your health. Cracked.com recently published an article detailing all the ways that your work environment might be making you sick.

First, there's what the EPA calls Sick Building Syndrome. Air inside an office building can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside it. This is due to the fact that most office buildings' windows don't open - they're designed to keep temperatures inside the building steady, rather than to let fresh air in.

Next, there's the photocopier. It releases ozone, which can cause respiratory problems and chest pain. Most photocopiers, even older ones, have filters to stop the ozone from being released into the air, but unless those filters are changed regularly, they're useless. Toner dust from copiers and printers has also been found to cause a certain type of lung cancer.

Even motivational meetings can make you sick. According to research, false positivity can actually make you more depressed, especially if you feel you're being forced into this way of thinking. If you're already shaky emotionally, relentless positivity may even cause you to become suicidal.

We already know that a lot of sitting is bad for our bodies. A stand-up desk is a good option to combat the detrimental effects of a sedentary job. People who stand all day at their jobs are in better shape, even if they never work out, than people who sit from 9 to 5.

Finally, boredom is also a killer at work. Not only is it easier for you to get into accidents when your brain goes on autopilot (and your reaction time slows in the face of emergencies), but your heart rate will stay at the same rate all day. When your heart needs to work harder - if you're exercising, for example - it won't be able to do so as effectively, and you'll be at higher risk of a heart attack.

Read more ways your workplace is killing you at Cracked.com.


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