“Work-Life Balance is Bullshit”

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Perhaps it’s incongruent for a yoga teacher to share a post about how “Work-Life balance is bullshit,” written by former venture capitalist and current life coach Jerry Colonna.  One could argue that my key function is to help people find work-life balance, yet, now I’m suggesting it might be a myth, like unicorns or an empty inbox?

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Here’s an excerpt from Colonna’s piece, which Om Bro Reecetweeted to me last week:

The concept of work-life balance is bullshit. First, it presumes that work is in opposition to life.  And the fact is that work is a fundamental part of life; who we are and what we do merge–sometimes with good results and sometimes with bad.

Second, the concept sets us up for terrible guilt.  When I’m at my kids’ concert, I feel guilty that I’m not answering email.  When I’m at my desk, I feel guilty that I’m not watching So You Think You Can Dance with my kid.  You can’t win.

I like the word balance in the concept, though.  My teacher finally spoke: “One third, one third, one third.”  Fucking koans.

He let me off the hook then, explaining, “One third of your time for the external you.  One third of your time for the internal you.  And one third of your time for the Other.”

One third taking care of business.  One third taking care of the subtle and gross bodies–the inner you and the physical you. And one third for family, friends, community, the world at large.

Now that’s a balance that makes sense.

If you’d like to read the rest, visit Colonna’s blog The Monster Inside Your Head.  I enjoyed his perspective on blending our “internal” and “external” lives, especially set against the backdrop of Buddhism, of which he is a student.

I would have written you a post about this myself, but, frankly, I’m too busy, so this is my attempt at balance . . .


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